Morel about Issues


Some of these 34 important issues are specifically for Florida and some of them are Federal concerns. I pledge to strongly support all of them and many more as long as they are providing a benefit to the so-called 99%. I will not be wasting my time and energy on lifting corporations. I am here to support the most important issues that will lift working class people and those who are less fortunate. My profile should help you understand more about me and show you clearly that I have always supported people, not power or making billions.

  • The Green New Deal
  • Strong action toward renewable energy systems
  • Stronger enforcement of the Clean Air and Water Act
  • Medicare For All. I stand 100% with Bernie Sanders.
  • Reducing the outrageous costs of Medicine
  • A Federal $15 Minimum Wage
  • Equal pay for teachers in both rural and urban sectors
  • Policies that benefit and empower Farmers and farm workers
  • Strengthen Worker Unions in general
  • Improve International/Foreign Relationships
  • Trade agreements that include benefits for the working class too
  • Trade policies that respect labor, environmental and human rights laws
  • Tuition free public Colleges, Trade schools, and Universities
  • Forgiveness of Students’ Loans
  • Voting rights for ex-Felons on release
  • End all voter supression tactics and gerrymandering
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act
  • Dismantle super PAC’s
  • A Ban on unnecessary civilian Assault Weapons
  • Legalizing Cannabis, medical and recreation
  • A purg of Cannabis possession related police records
  • An expansion of Social Security, not further cuts.
  • Protection Laws for Social Security recipients
  • Expanding the Veteran’s Administration
  • Action on affordable housing for South Florida
  • Real help for the homeless situation
  • Real help in the Opiode crisis
  • Make access to addiction recovery services easier
  • A Federal 15% credit card interest cap
  • Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act
  • Remove “Citizens United”
  • Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act
  • Upholding¬†Roe v. Wade
  • The Equal Rights Amendment
  • Rebalance the Federal Tax Code to work fairly for all

As you can probably see for yourself, I pledge to work hard on issues that revolve around fairness and equality for all of us. Expanding important assistance for those in need and empowering the whole of the work force as well as reducing the overall power of the super rich. As Senator Bernie Sanders has said so wisely: “Enough is enough, the wealthy must pay their fare share of taxes”. Enforcing a proper wealth tax as it was before Ronald Reagan will enable us to expand on exactly ALL of these issues. Join my team and help me work towards achieving what is best for YOU.¬† Join my official facebook page now!